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[Quill] 13-Sep-2013 - SS American Victory Tour
[Quill] 05/06-Nov-2011 - Aircraft & Air Shows
[Quill] 04-Sep-2011 - USS Independence Tour
[Quill] 15-Apr-2007 - The Twins' Saga...
[Quill] 13/21-Oct-2006 - New England Vacation, 2006
[Quill] 21-Jun-2006 - Huntsville, Alabama, 2006
[Quill] 19-May-2006 - Florida Botanical Gardens II
[Quill] 09-May-2006 - The New Cat (Buddy)
[Quill] 01-May-2006 - Florida Botanical Gardens
[Quill] 01-May-2006 - Walsingham Park
[Quill] 26-Feb-2006 - Tobi & Kids III
[Quill] 25-Jul-2005 - The Sizzles 2005
[Quill] 25-Jul-2005 - Fishing with Sizzle 2005
[Quill] 14-Jun-2005 - Linda Ricci
[Quill] 29-Apr-2005 - Tara's Bugs
[Quill] 09-Apr-2005 - Bay Area Electric Boaters
[Quill] 19-Mar-2005 - Backyard Stuff
[Quill] 16-Jan-2005 - George's Birthday
[Quill] 08-Jan-2005 - The Jerk
[Quill] 08-Jan-2005 - Socks the Cat & Misc
[Quill] 06-Jan-2005 - Chris Ball's Dog, Cooper
[Quill] 19-Feb-2005 - Chris Ball's Dog, Cooper & Friends
[Quill] 20-Feb-2004 - Bubbles at Graduation
[Quill] 20-Oct-2004 - Susie Photographs Bush Campaign
[Quill] 22-Jul-2004 - Fishing with the Kwaj Kids

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